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Foshan Junya Machinery Co.,Ltd

Professional manufacturer of glass washing machine

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Base: People-oriented

People-oriented, Customer first and Pragmatic. We manage to pave a way appropriate for corporate and project development. Besides, we enhance our competitiveness through creating values on both our products and services which is necessary in this competitive edge.

Excellence: Pursuit

Junya always lays strong emphasis on a far-visioned view, a clear goal, and pursuit of excellence. Diligence, the objective of Junya, becomes the essence for Junya to be more advantageous and competitive.

Feature: Business Management

Junya features in standardized management, obeying the laws, observing moral principles and making contributions to the society with integrity. Junya has established a sound managerial structure, operation mechanism and business process. It wins the trust of the market for its professionalism, dedication and social responsibility as a citizen.

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Foshan Shunde Junya Machinery Co., Ltd

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Fax:0757-23622255 Email:junyajixie@163.com Add:No. 16 Shilong Avenue, Lunjiao, Shunde District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province

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